TREASURE REWARDS is a way for us to give our customers additional ways to get products! We have a few different rewards that customers will be able to participate in.


Our "The Streak" rewards will benefit customers that order for many of our shows.  If you order for 3 or more consecutive LIVE shows, you will qualify for rewards! Here is how:

3 Consecutive Shows: Choice Of Bonus Oyster Or Treasure Truffle

6 Consecutive Shows: Choice Of Silver Plated Pendant

10 Consecutive Shows: Choice Of Sterling Silver Pendant or Mounted Pendant

15 Consecutive Shows: Choice Bonus Party Pack Of Oysters Or Treasure Truffles

*Once your "Streak" ends or you reach 15 consecutive shows, your streak will start over.


During LIVE shows, you may have the opportunity to accrue Treasure Points.  Treasure Points are able to be accrued over multiple shows and be redeemed at any time the customer would like.  There is no limit to the amount of points a customer can accrue. 


3 points: Silk Pouch

9 points: Oyster

11 points: Silver Plated Pendant of Your Choice

13 points: Treasure Truffle 

20 points: Your Choice Of Mounted Jewelry

20 points: Choice of Bracelet from our Specialty Jewelry

25 points: Sterling Silver Pendant Of Your Choice

30 points: Floating Locket Of Your Choice

35 points: Party Pack Of Oysters

50 points: Party Pack Of Treasure Truffles

60 points: Your Choice Of Any Oyster Specialty Pack

80 points: Your Choice Of Any Treasure Truffle Specialty Pack


To redeem any rewards, a customer will need to privately message us on Facebook or through email at to notify us they would like to redeem their rewards. All rewards are subject to availability.

Right to Change/Modify/Cancel:
Rewards points, as well as any disclaimers, are subject to change at any time. Rewards and points are offered at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to alter or waive any Rewards feature or benefit prospectively or retroactively, including, without limitation, point accrual or redemption criteria, or to cancel or temporarily suspend the Rewards at any time without prior notice. Any such modifications and/or termination may reduce or eliminate your accrued points entirely. Bonus/Gift/Redeemed oysters or treasure truffles during a show do not count towards consecutive shows in "The Streak". To be considered for the streak you need to make a purchase for each show.
Treasure Rewards' effective start date is 4/1/19